Handicraft showcase from Brazil

It is in a historical building of Tiradentes Square, in the Cultural Corridor of Ancient Rio, central region of the city, where the Reference Center of the Brazilian Craft (CRAB) of the Sebrae is installed. Created in 2016 to promote and contribute to qualify the image of handmade products in Brazil, since its inauguration the CRAB store has sold more than 17,000 pieces and items of artisans in the country.

Besides the shop, there are multipurpose spaces, galleries for exhibitions, media library (with physical and multimedia collection), bistro-café, internal square, rooms and auditorium. The environments are designed for training, specialization, research and experimentation. They also receive shows, product launches and free courses: A pole of creative and commercial development.

Currently, it houses in its galleries pieces that express popular culture and Brazilian creativity such as the ceramics of Zezinha from the Jequitinhonha Valley (MG), Joao Borges (Teresina, PI), Joao das Alagoas (Capela, AL) and a exhibition in commemoration of its three years activities with the famous Dolls of Zezinha (Maria Jose Gomes da Silva, from Turmalina, MG), the Lions of Mestre Nuca (from Tracunhaem, PE), the Heads of Irineia (Irineia Rosa Nunes da Silva, from Uniao dos Palmares, AL), among others. Works in carved wood, cotton, golden grass, clay and embroidery are exposed.

More information: https://www.crab.sebrae.com.br/

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