Typically from Rio

In the popular cuisine of Rio de Janeiro there are some dishes that are common to the menus of the city’s restaurants and bars. Many of them have European influence and are adapted to local taste. An example is the Picadinho de Carne (Mince) of Portuguese origin, served with poached egg, breaded banana and different sauces.


Another example is the Caldo Verde (Green Soup), a soup made from boiled potatoes, minced cabbage and pieces of Portuguese sausage. Traditional among Cariocas is the Filet a Oswaldo Aranha, tribute to a Brazilian diplomat and politician, who did not dispense with a filet topped with fried garlic, accompanied by rice, farofa (crumbs) and Portuguese potatoes.

Among the appetizers, Fried Sardines is certainly ordered in the bars. They are peeled, egg yolk brush and cornmeal breading, fried and served in portions. In a seaside town there is nothing like Leao Veloso soup, served with fish, shrimp, mussel, squid and crab, adapted from a French cuisine dish made by the Brazilian ambassador to France in the 1920s, Paulo Leao Veloso. Present in all bars and restaurants, in any neighborhood of the capital, is Feijoada (bean stew) prepared with black beans, seasoned with pieces of pork, accompanied by farofa, white rice, braised cabbage, orange slices and caipirinha, a drink that mixes cachaça (sugarcane liquor), lemon and sugar.

No less typical, and sold as a snack by street hawkers, is the flour cookie, the Globo Biscuit, with iced Mate. The sellers of these two products received the title of Carioca Cultural Heritage.
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