Sandro Fernandes: the challenge of staying at the vanguard

He manages one of the most beautiful sights in the world, recognized as one of the postcards of Brazil. It is a must-see tour for those who visit the city.

Sandro Fernandes is CEO of the Sugar Loaf Cable Car. Born in Sao Paulo and settled in Rio for seven years, since July 2018 he leads the company. “My daily challenge managing a 106-year-old attraction that has already received 47 million visitors is to stay at the vanguard.

History shows that the cable car has always been ahead of its time. In 1972, when the theme of the environment was not relevant as it is today, the entire cable car system was changed to clean and renewable energy. We are the first tourist resort in Brazil with the green seal of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), a member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN), an international certification entity,” he says.

The oldest cable car in operation in the world and the only one that never closes, the cableway, located in the hill complex in Urca, South Zone of Rio, receives about 4 thousand visitors per day. A survey conducted in January 2019 reveals that they are around 77% of Brazilians and 23% of foreigners. “I am very optimistic that we will increase the number of foreigners with the end of the visa requirement for tourists from countries like the United States, our third largest public.”

Sandro created new areas in the company, one to be closer to the tourist trade and another digital, to empower and improve his team with the technological tools. The CEO’s highest goal is to thrill and provide an unforgettable tourist visit. He just created with partners the 3 in 1 tour in which the tourist will have the opportunity to go by boat, helicopter and cable car.

There is the Ecological Tour, in which you can learn more about the fauna and flora of the Atlantic Rainforest where the cable car is installed. “We have 98 hectares of Atlantic Forest ready to delight you,” he says. Those curious about how the cable car which never stops works can take the Backstage Tour.

In the Historical Tour, stories and legends involving the centenary cable car are told to tourists. Enthusiastic, he also talks about one of his future projects. “I want to turn the cable car into a plastic free enterprise, to abolish any use of plastic. Some parks in the world already are. It’s not easy, but it’s among my guidelines. ”

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